Curriculum Vitae
of Hristian Georges Kunchev

I was born on the 23.01.1980 in Sofia. Ever since my Primary education, I have studied in a specialized class with extended figurative arts teaching. In 1994 I continued my education at the Secondary School of Fine Arts. I graduated in 1999 with a grade as high as 5.50 /from highest possible 6.00 in Bulgaria/. After completing my military service, I applied and was admitted as a full-time student to the National Academy of Art. In 2004 I graduated with the excellent mark 5.76. I’m a professional artist since 2004.

Until present I’ve participated at many exhibitions and competitions, where I’ve been awarded distinctions and prizes. In 1993 one of my canvasses was chosen to represent Bulgaria at the International Children’s Exhibition of the “Chuby” Central Academy of Art in Tokyo. In that same year, I was invited to exhibit my works at the National Museum of History – Sofia. In 1999 I won the first prize for the sports subject at the International Competition, organized by the Union of the Bulgarian Artists. In 2001 I was awarded an honorary diploma for my participation at the “Euro art tempo” exhibition at the Gallery of Foreign Art. Up to now I have individual and joint appearances in Bulgaria. I would like to enlarge my field of appearance through displaying my works abroad. This is actually the reason why I ask for your collaboration. Some pictures of mine are displayed in online galleries:

Artdecollectors contemporary art gallery /Long Beach, California/
Artquest St. Louis /Missouri/
Absolutearts Granville /Ohio, USA/

Dear Mr. Kunchev,
You are very ambitious and full of inventions! A symbolist inventiveness. To be true, the richness of imagination
In your work is more impressive than your style yet I am sure, that your diligence will lead you to a progressive translation of semantic symbolism to formal inventiveness. This way is not easy, all the more if you want reputation come quickly.
As to your interest to be known in western Europe: A long as your way is so strongly bound to a kind of romantic realism or, to be more precise, symbolist naturalism/naturalist symbolism, should? nt you perhaps think of cultures like the British and Belgian on one side, and Italian and Spanish on the other, where symbolism and surrealism are deeply rooted respectively? The latter (Mediterranean from Giotto to Picasso) would also be helpful for the cultivation and crystallization of your style if you want to stay with your way.
I wish you all the best!

Dr. Marietta Mautner-Markhof
curators Albertina museum, Austria

In case you are interested, for me it would be a real pleasure to collaborate with you.

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